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Dreamers & Doers – Healed by Cancer

Hear Jayka’s incredible journey with stage 4 cancer. After receiving her second diagnosis, she intuitively knew that western medicine wasn’t the answer for her. Her healing journey involved 15 months of travelling around the world, much trial and error, and surrendering. Surrendering allowed her to get to the root cause, let go and heal, emotionally,...

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Dreamers & Doers – Optimize your Health, Optimize your Life

Julie Tilt and her husband founded Hummingbird Wholesale, a multi-award winning Organic food manufacturer and distributor with a big vision – one that incorporates humanity into the business relationship and focuses on sustainable farming practices. Julie didn’t stop there, her love for holistic health led her to a new dream – to become a certified...

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Since Childhood, Sylvia Morrison had a deep-seated dream to help make the world a better place. In 2019 Sylvia courageously stepped away from a successful career as an educator in Toronto, Canada, to build her dream as a humanitarian and empowerment specialist in Ghana, West Africa. Listen to Sylvia’s inspiring story and find out how...

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