5 Secrets on How to Change the World

Part 3 of 3
In the two earlier blog posts in this series, I shared how I had changed my life by being aware of negative thoughts and replacing those thoughts with positive, loving thoughts. By doing so, I changed my life from one of failure and challenge to my current life graced with peace and unlimited growth. In the second post, I shared how we change our thoughts about our national and world political situation. In this last post, I will share with you the five secrets I discovered for changing the world…one thought at a time.

Here some suggestions to help remedy this state of affairs:
1.    Actively engage in your personal development. You are consciousness encased in a physical body–95% unconscious, and only 5% conscious. When you make the unconscious conscious, you not only hold the key to improving your life, but also collectively playing your part in elevating humanity’s consciousness.

2.    Thoughts create more of their own kind. Thoughts laced with hate can only produce additional hateful thoughts. Thoughts graced with love can only create additional loving thoughts. We cannot afford projecting thoughts of fear and hate: they are boomerangs that come back to haunt us, personally as well as collectively. As Normal Vincent Peale said: “Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

3.    Let us choose to use the power of our thoughts for the good of the world. We have many opportunities on a daily basis to select love over judgement, peace over impatience, conscious deliberate action over automatic unconscious re-action.

4.    It is not just one person but rather, it is all of us who got us where we are right now. Let us stop pointing the finger and take responsibility for our own thoughts. We need to aware of what we say during the conversations we have with each other, with our friends and families.

5.    Many of us have personally experienced the power of prayer or positive intention. It seems to have the ability to change the course of personal fate. Why not pray to adjust national and international fate? This is something easy we can all commit ourselves to doing—praying for our world leaders that their innate wisdom, conscience, and goodness guide their decisions and actions for the best outcome for all. Imagine what could be possible, if even only 1 million people daily spent even just 1 minute praying. If you don’t like the word “prayer,” sending out goodwill and light to all of humanity is just as powerful.

Here are what some of greatest thought leaders have said about today’s subject: 
“The future depends on what you do today.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. — Martin Luther King, Jr.

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