5 Ways to Experience More Peace and Less Restless Part 1 of 3

The world we live in is characterized by material pursuits, restlessness, and pressures, often with just with a few slender moments of relaxation, fun, and peace. We tend to be busy—always in motion. When we are not moving, our fingers are on our smart phones. So much to do! Not enough time! We are chasing our own tails trying to do justice to our career, families, and social life. At the end of the day, we fall into bed exhausted, just to crawl out again in the morning to do it all over. Where is there a respite?

We also face the dangers of seemingly more frequent natural disasters, political instability, division and conflict—so much insecurity! This can be overwhelming! I find that when I am plugged into current affairs too much, fear starts to arise in my mind, and my body starts to tense up. This is a sign that I am losing my center and reminds me to reconnect with the deeper part inside of myself that is not—and cannot be—affected by any outer turmoil.

If we want to live in a different world, we have to create it! If we long for a world of peace, joy, love, togetherness, and compassion, we need to first find these qualities within ourselves. As Gandhi said, ”Be the change you want to see in the world.”

The saints and savants of this world all proclaim that in the core of our beings we are light—there is peace, love, contentment, joy, connection. Isn’t this what we all long for? So how can we access more of this?

Read our next blog post and find out HOW!

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