5 Ways to Experience More Peace and Less Restless Part 3 of 3

When a farmer plants a field, he or she often does not know how large the harvest will be. The rich soil might increase the yield far beyond the goals set in the spring. It’s the same way with us: we often don’t know how rich the harvest will be when we start our healing work and reduce our restlessness. Read on and find out more life hacks for you!

Sometimes when we finally stop running, unresolved issues and emotions we might have pushed aside may surface. Old beliefs and convictions people may have expressed to you in your childhood may still linger in your mind: “I’m not allowed to relax—otherwise I’m lazy” or “Other people and their needs are more important than I am and my needs.” Beliefs like this may have kept us locked in a pattern of busyness and stress. When old emotions, thoughts, and beliefs surface from our subconscious, we may go through a phase of feeling unsettled. This doesn’t mean what you are doing is not working. It means it IS working! Your being is helping to bring to the surface the very things that have been standing in the way of you experiencing more of the inner peace you are longing for. YAY! This is an opportunity, which—if you chose to accept it—will open the door to greater freedom, peace, and joy. This is the time to engage with a healing practitioner, a professional who is trained to help you deal with any unresolved events and release them. If the healing modality, “The Journey” appeals to you, feel free get in touch with me.

If you give yourself the gift of integrating more practices and more moments where you stop to connect with yourself, you will notice a subtle and beautiful change come over you. You’ll feel more relaxed, and at the same time more energetic. You have more clarity, make decisions more easily, and don’t get swayed once you have made your decisions. Amidst the craziness of this world, you will carry your own portable haven of peace within and can share this with others.

Remember: You are one of the light bearers who help to make the world a better place.

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