7 Great Tips to Celebrate the Holidays instead of Stressing Out!

While there is fun and excitement during the holidays, there is—for some people—stress. For some folks, there is a whole ton of stress.

What if you could choose how your perfect holiday would look like and feel? We have more choices than we realize. Here are some tips how to make your holidays a most enjoyable, relaxing, and uplifting time.

  1. Start to get into the Christmas Spirit early, so you’ll get the most out of the season. Listening to beautiful Christmas music, lighting candles, meditating more and watching feel-good movies (“Mr Church” is a great one!) are some of my favorite ways. 
  2. Decide early who you would like to spend the day with. Who are the people you have the most fun with? Who are the people you most love? Now you have a guest list of those you wish to invite to your house! Keep the holiday reserved for the ones you love. I have been very privileged in the past few years to spend wonderful Thanksgiving holidays with a group of very dear friends and Christmas with family I love. We share a magnificent meal, sit around, relax, and catch up. We laugh, play Scrabble, go on a hike, eat pie, and watch a movie. It is the most relaxing, delightful day. Everyone who is present is there because they chose to spend time with the others, not because they “have to” or are “obliged to.”
  3. Ok, maybe you have family members you feel obliged to visit–even if only briefly. Why not visit them the day before or after the holiday? Consciously choosing to visit this person with the intention to make it fun may create a new experience for you both.
  4. Organize a potluck meal. Invite your guests to volunteer to prepare their favorite holiday food. This way, everyone contributes–organizationally and financially–and nobody has to spend hours in the kitchen. (Really good news: they take their dishes with them so there is less for you to clean!)
  5. Treat yourself to a massage session – release any stress and tension and enter your holidays with a relaxed body and mind.
  6. Commit yourself to forgetting about work for at least the holiday or even better the entire holiday weekend.
  7. Plan some fun activities – fun connects people – young and old! My husband and I plan to bring Gingerbread House Kits to our family Christmas which no doubt will awaken our creative spirits and make us laugh.

A few days of relaxation, catching up on sleep, reading a book, smelling the roses, hanging out with your favorite people can do wonders to help rejuvenate yourself and recharge your batteries. Your motivation, energy levels, and attitude will reflect this when Monday rolls around and you are ready to jump into your work week with enthusiasm and excitement.

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