Meet Karoline

Hitting Rock Bottom and Bouncing Back

Some years ago, I had to admit that something in my life was clearly not working… My marriage was broken. We had lost the family home and I was nearly bankrupt.

One day, a good friend said to me, “You have created these circumstances out of your way of thinking and your way of being. All you have to do is change your thinking and way of being and you can create something different.”

My first thoughts were, “What about my ex-husband and the economy — aren’t they to blame, too?”


If what my friend had said was true, it was me who needed to change!

With the help of coaches and healing practitioners, I turned my subconscious inside out. I was shocked to find many disempowering beliefs and unprocessed emotions — about myself, about myself as a woman, about money, about relationship, and about life!


Beliefs like:

  • I’m not good enough
  • Men can’t be trusted
  • Life is a struggle
  • And on and on.

What I experienced was amazing! With every shift in my thinking and belief system, every fear released, every childhood wound healed, my self-worth and confidence grew. And just as my friend had predicted, life started to mirror my new empowered consciousness back to me in the form of exciting opportunities for greater income, more ease and flow, and more satisfying relationships.

My income tripled, and a couple of years later my heart’s desire was fulfilled when I met and married the love of my life, Kevin.

My journey has proven to me beyond any doubt that we are indeed the creators of our reality through our thinking and our way of being.

Using the same principles that helped me turn my own life around, I have helped hundreds of women and men discover a more empowered way to live life.

I love working with motivated people who know they are capable of more. They are ready to let go of limitations so they can create the success and fulfillment they desire.


Training & Certification:

logo-journeyAccredited Journey Practitioner

Available for phone, Skype and web meetings in English and German.