Dealing with (Post-Election) Upset and Disappointment

To all the people out there who are struggling with the results of the elections, my heart goes out to you! I’m not usually politically engaged, but I sure experienced shock and disappointment.

All my life I’ve trained myself in the arts of “accepting what is”, “focusing on the glass half full”, “living in and embracing the present moment” and an abiding faith “that everything that happens in my life is for me, not against me,” — skills which have served me well.

Here are a few thoughts of how I am dealing with this event to shift my disappointment into a more powerful and hopeful state.

I always like to remember that what we focus our thoughts and energy on grows —within us as well as in the world. Right now we have the choice to fuel hatred, fear, judgement, discouragement, and drama OR love, compassion, faith, and understanding. This is a choice that no-one can take from us.

We can allow these circumstances to turn us into desperate victims OR help us step up and into our power owning that we are creators. We can re-commit ourselves to our truth, to being bearers of light and healing in this world, moment by moment — in our relationships, in our families, in our communities.

Imagine the possibilities, if all of us joined in an uplifted, inspired consciousness of a powerful positive vision for the future!

It all starts with a choice…now.
What are you choosing?
I know what I have chosen.

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