Dreamers & Doers - Conscious Film: Watch Your Way to Health, Wealth & Self-Realization

“ILLUMINATE found me. Just as “the one” falls into one’s life and screams “this is it”, so did this love of my life. More than a film festival, ILLUMINATE is the vehicle by which I have chosen to make my contribution to the planet.” Danette Wolpert is the Founder and Executive Director of the ILLUMINATE Film Festival. Prior to founding ILLUMINATE, Danette spent 10 years in film production, programming and festival management. Before festival life, Danette was a Senior Management Consultant for Ernst & Young where she provided financial, management and technology solutions for Fortune 500 clients. “I spent many years in professional training for this project but the true preparation was done in the deep soul-searching, powerful releasing, and enlightened recentering. I was ushered into a new space and a new career, where your awakening is my every joy. I invite the world to join us, and be illuminated.” http://illuminatefilmfestival.com

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