Freedom from Dis-ease - 5 Lessons from my Healing Journey

In the beginning of 2018 I shared information about some health challenges I was experiencing—symptoms like fatigue, foggy mind, some aches and pains, and a weakening memory.  I felt like I was heading down a slippery slope. After realizing that these symptoms weren’t going away by themselves, I sought out a functional, integrative health practitioner. Dr. Kan did a battery of blood tests not usually done by medical doctors and diagnosed me with “Hashimoto Thyroiditis” which is a fairly common autoimmune disorder that causes decreased thyroid gland function. He also told me I had a condition called “leaky gut,” meaning undigested proteins were leaking into the bloodstream causing irritation and inflammation in my thyroid, brain, and other parts of my body. Apparently, the nature of auto-immune disorders is to spread to different body systems.

The plan was to heal my digestive system and avoid anything that could cause or aggravate inflammatory processes in my body. My program consisted of a very clean diet (excluding gluten, dairy, sugars, legumes, grains, nightshade vegetables), few select nutritional supplements, as well as detoxing my body of heavy metals, harmful chemicals, and infectious organisms. After the first week, I was amazed to notice a great reduction of my mental fog. That was encouraging!

A year later I am very happy to report that adhering to this rigorous plan has paid off. My digestive system has been repaired, inflammation in my body eliminated, and my health is stable again. I now have great energy levels, my mind is clear with a much improved memory, no more cravings for sweets, and my body feels healthy. I am now able to include a greater variety of food without negative consequences.

It sure was a steep learning curve to experience the symptoms of degenerative disease—especially since I have always considered myself to be a very healthy person—and to be able to turn it around. I’d hate to think where I may have ended up, if I hadn’t made any changes.

Am I completely free from the autoimmune condition? I do not know at this stage. I do believe, however, that through personal development work, healing and meditation our consciousness can outgrow ill health, just as it can expand beyond the dis-eases of scarcity, dysfunctional relationships and spiritual disconnection. Many times I have been privileged to observe my clients’ developing inner wholeness gradually being reflected in the greater health of their bodies and lives. 

Here a brief outline of my journey and the lessons learned:

1. I had a sense that something wasn’t quite right in my body, even though according to medical tests I was super healthy. Lesson: Trust your body, and your gut feeling.

2. Since I had exhausted the first stage of the medical system, and didn’t feel inspired to explore this option any further, I contacted a functional, integrative medical professional. Dr. Kan’s depth of knowledge of the interconnectedness of the body systems impressed me. I have never looked back. Lesson: Dare to look outside the box!

3. Dr. Kan discovered the physical root-causes of my health problems. Lesson: Once I know what is really going on, I can do something about it!

4. From one day to the next, I changed my diet. It certainly was uncomfortable, especially during the holiday season, but it paid off. Lesson: Change may be uncomfortable, but the results can be priceless.

5. I added many different modalities and activities to my nutritional program—Journeywork, meditation, energy and bodywork, mindfulness, relaxation, exercise, being in nature, stress reduction, as well as staying away from computers and social media. It all made a difference! Lesson: Combining a lifestyle and nutritional program with emotional release work, e.g. Journey Therapy, and bodywork, as well as taking time to relax and nurture your spiritual life, is I believe, a wonderful system to turn most dis-ease around.

If you are interested in connecting with a holistic practitioner, I can highly recommend Dr. Kan in the US and Dr. Stark in New Zealand. Both practitioners treat patients globally and have proven success records, access to cutting edge diagnostic tests and therapies, good quality nutritional supplements, and above all knowledge of the interconnectedness and functioning of the whole body that general practitioners often don’t seem to have.

If you are currently dealing with health difficulties, I would love to support you. Drop me a line. Let’s talk!

Here is to a healthy, energetic 2019!

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