How to Create a More Harmonious World by Changing Our Thoughts

Part 2 of 3
In the previous blog post, I shared how I changed my life from one of failure and constant challenge to my current life graced with peace and unlimited growth.
In this post, I will share how we can apply what I learned about my personal, mental atmosphere to change our thoughts about our national and world political situation.
In the last post, I will share with you the five secrets I discovered for changing the world…one thought at a time.

So, how does this relate to our new government?
I believe the same principle applies collectively to the world.
We are pointing the finger at President Trump and his supporters, feeling that “we are right” and “they” are wrong. Meanwhile, we are ignoring the 3 fingers that are pointing back at us.

What if we examined our consciousness asking ourselves questions such as:

  • Where am I exhibiting the very behaviors that I am despising in President Trump?
  • Where am I treating people disrespectfully…maybe people close to me?
  • Where am I being self-righteous, believing my opinion or my religion is the only “right” one?
  • Where do I withhold love, and pass judgement instead?
  • Where am I trying to walk over people to get what I want?
  • Am I at peace within or tormented by past demons of hatred, regret, guilt, or grudges? 

On the day of the inauguration, I watched demonstrators damage postboxes, newspaper stands, and hurt innocent people. Is this behavior any better than what they were demonstrating against?

What we focus on grows. Anytime we are “against” anything, we actually feed it—we give it more power. Let’s be FOR peace and all the good things we want to see, to experience in the world– starting with OURSELVES.

I believe President Trump is the personification of our collective “shadow,” our unresolved, disempowered emotions and beliefs. This is old, archaic consciousness. If we want collaboration rather than division, unity rather than segregation, and world peace rather than World War III, this negative consciousness has to go. It is time to take responsibility for what shows up in our lives. We are more powerful than we realize.

As the great leader Mahatma Gandhi said: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” As long as we are not the change we desire to see in the world, we cannot blame our leaders who are elected by our majority and who seem to painfully mirror our insufficiencies back to us.

In my next post, I will share five (5) secrets to changing the world one thought at a time.

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