How Your Thoughts Can Impoverish or Enrich Your Life

Part 1 of 3
In this blog post, I will share how I changed my life by becoming aware of negative, disempowering thoughts and replacing these with positive, loving thoughts. By doing so, I changed my life from one of failure and challenge to my current life graced with peace and unlimited growth.
In the second post, I will share how we apply what I learned about my personal mental atmosphere to change our thoughts about our national and world political situation.
In the last post, I will share with you the five secrets I discovered for changing the world…one thought at a time.

We sure are experiencing interesting times.  Here in the USA, we are being faced with a new president and government many of us don’t agree with–in fact, we abhor.
I would like to offer some thoughts of how to look at this situation differently.
I believe President Trump and the current government are a manifestation or reflection of our consciousness.

Why do I say this? 

Nothing in this universe happens by chance–everything seems to be run by laws.
When my life fell apart–failed marriage, loss of family home, near bankruptcy and all my money vanished–I dug deep to find out what part I played in creating this “disaster” since I refused to believe that I was just a victim of circumstance. I found many suppressed, disempowered emotions and negative beliefs about myself and my life. They had unbeknownst to me flowed into my day-to-day thinking, my behaviors, my actions (or non-actions) and crystalized as my results. Whether I liked it or not, it was obvious that I played an important part in creating my experience.

Awareness is key.

As soon as I became aware of the amount of resentment, anger, self-righteousness, and lack of self-worth I was holding, I was able to start to turn this around. I empowered my subconscious, my emotions, my thinking–all of which naturally led me to inner peace, happiness, love, success, and abundance.
I have been privileged to observe the same process in many of my clients–amazing transformations and empowerment of consciousness leading to more empowered, fulfilling external conditions.

Learn even more in my next blog post!

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