It's Not the Events, It's Our Interpretation

It’s Not the Initial Trauma That Continues to Hurt us, It’s our Interpretation of That Trauma

Many clients come to see me when they are ready to let go of past unresolved issues and hurts. They realize how much these limit their day-to-day lives — affecting relationships, career, and sense of self. They may feel like they are caught in a movie that continues to play the same disempowered scenarios over and over again. Love and abundance seem to be just outside of the picture — just outside of their reach.

Want to change the picture?

From my experience, it is important to revisit past traumatic events with a healing professional in a safe setting. If done correctly, you will invariably find that it’s not the trauma that is doing the continued damage — however traumatic that event may have been — but rather the meaning you have attached to it about yourself and your life. 

These limiting decisions and beliefs —

“I’m not worthy!”
“Life is hard!”
“There is something wrong with me!”

“No matter what I do it doesn’t change anything!”

— become powerful silent forces attracting the corresponding people and circumstances into your life. Life mirrors these negative beliefs back to us as — incompatible or emotionally unavailable partners, lack of support and resources,  not feeling comfortable in our own skin, and even suffering from anxiety and depression.

Once you muster the courage to pierce the clouds of your current issues, you’ll get in touch with the deeper unresolved incidences. When healed and cleared of their old meanings, they will re-connect you with your authentic, empowered, resourceful self, which is always available in the core of your being, resulting in a new perspective on your current issue as well as greater freedom and self-worth. 

Imagine, if you were able to connect deeply with your true, powerful, fearless self and then created your life from that place! What wouldn’t be possible?

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