Making Things Easy and Fun

A few days ago I became aware that I had a habit of making simple projects much harder for myself than necessary. I was trying to cover all bases and wanted the outcome to be perfect. Instead I ended up frustrated because even small projects, like writing a blog, took me forever. Time for a change! I decided from now on I will make things simple and fun!

In the Spirit of simple and fun, here is a little recipe I would like to share with you.

Aspiration Delight

Carefully select one ripe fruit from your tree of aspirations.

Marinate the fruit in the holy waters of your soul’s values and life’s purpose.

If you notice the fruit dissolving, don’t fret, it didn’t deserve to be used anyway.
If it gains in radiance and plumpness, it’s a worthy fruit!

Add 2 cups of joyful anticipation.

Roll in one pound of commitment – and follow your intuition guided plan of action.

When the seeds of infinite possibility start to sprout, quickly spice with a handful of gratitude.

If you are worried about the bitter forces of doubt, sweeten with a quart of self-belief and courage.

Liberally spread with a bit of fun and bake in the oven of love.

Celebrate the sweet fruit of fulfilled aspiration with your loved ones and the world.

Carefully follow these steps or the fruit will simply remain a beautiful fruit and
not be alchemized into the delight of your life.

Karoline Stevens

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