The Journey

Journey to Greater Freedom and Happiness

Let’s face it —

  • Few of us go through childhood and youth unscathed.
  • Most of us have had traumatic experiences we didn’t cope with successfully or completely.
  • We are not taught how to deal with emotions, so we suppress them so that we are able to keep going.


Years later, you may experience —

  • Feeling stuck in fear, anxiety, stress, depression
  • Ongoing physical ailments
  • Unhealthy patterns and behaviors
  • Unfulfilled relationships
  • A stifled or unsatisfying career.


The Journey is a simple, safe, and proven method that anybody can do regardless of age, culture, or background. It is compatible with other healing treatments and modalities.

I was diagnosed with a spinal tumor. Choosing Journey work has changed my life beyond my wildest dreams – especially revisiting situations in my past that I hadn’t dealt with well. It’s truly liberating for the mind and body.

– Financial Advisor, New Zealand


Imagine what it would be like to feel —

  • Ready to dig into the problems you were afraid to face
  • At peace with your past
  • More resourceful, happy, and confident
  • Free and unburdened.

I believe that ‘The Journey’ has allowed me to heal past depression and negative self concepts. I feel that The Journey’ gave me a new level of understanding of my childhood and parents and that forgiveness allowed me to move on. It is like a heavy burden has lifted off my shoulders. Life has become a lot more manageable and fun.

– Account Manger, New Zealand

The Journey helps to —

  • Deal with the root causes of issues.
  • Release old pain.
  • Connect more deeply with that part of yourself that is untouched by life’s ups and downs.
  • Access more of your potential!


What science says:

Memories of past negative events + associated emotions and beliefs are stored in our body cells and subconscious mind = may manifest as our inner blocks & silent saboteurs which

  • limit our self-expression
  • create patterns of dis-ease, struggle, lack and dissatisfaction

Nobel Prize nominated research has established how emotions affect us at a cellular level. If trauma and emotions are not resolved, they become physically stored as a cellular memory and can lead to disease years after the events originally occurred.

– Molecules of Emotion by Candice Pert, PhD

Journey for Children

Kids love the journey! It’s a fun adventure for them. The Journey is especially beneficial for children going through life changes, such as:

  • moving or changing schools
  • parental separation
  • bullying
  • learning difficulties
  • lack of confidence
  • undergoing medical treatments

Parents comment on their children feeling more confident, relaxed, and being more resourceful in dealing with life.


Our 10 year old son has dyslexia and finds school difficult. Earlier this year we became aware that his usual enthusiastic, positive nature had altered and that he was less confident. After hearing about ‘The Journey’ our son completed a number of sessions with Karoline which he found very helpful. It was great for him to address specific issues that were blocking him from reaching his potential. Since completing the journey sessions it is wonderful to see his positive confident nature return. He is once again happy and enthusiastic about learning and in his approach to life.

– Mom, New Zealand


Journey for Teens

Let’s face it: The teen years are tough. The Journey could be the best gift you ever gave your teenager. It can help your teen deal with the challenges of adolescence in a positive, empowered way and support them in dealing with:

  • peer pressure
  • hormonal changes
  • body and self-image
  • learning to make wise choices about drugs, alcohol, and sex

Before I went to Karoline I was a pretty messed up kid wondering what to do and I was in a pretty bad place. My parents were separating, it was such a hard year. And then my uncle told me to go to see Karoline for journey work. I wasn’t completely thrilled on the idea, but once I went, I started seeing things in a more positive way, and started to see the light at the end of the long tunnel. The journey helped me to express some of that anger in a way that wasn’t hurting anyone else and it made me feel relieved to be talking to someone different than my family. After it all, I have got on with life and am in a completely happy place and I have put the past behind me.

– Girl,16 years old


The Journey by Brandon Bays
The Journey for Kids by Brandon Bays