Free to Move Forward with Joy
(after one Journey session)

— Gwen Payne, Sedona AZ

Relief from Sciatica

— Joan Sarin, M.S. and EQ Educator, Phoenix AZ

After 3 Months – New Mindset and Amazing Opportunities

— Danny, Entrepreneur, Sydney, Australia

After 3 Months – Clarity, Confidence and a New Career

I have done Karoline’s Empowerment Coaching Program in conjunction with Journey sessions, which I can say has single-handedly changed my life. Before I met Karoline, I felt unmotivated. I lacked confidence, I was unhappy, and my anxiety became so overpowering that even exchanging a few words with the grocery store clerk was a challenge. I worked a mediocre job that didn’t pay well, I was unfulfilled in every aspect of my life – putting a strain on the few relationships I had left. My world was grey.

What I accomplished in a year of expensive (and time consuming!) counseling, I was able to achieve in the first few sessions of Karoline’s program.

At the end of three-months, the changes I experienced were transformational. I felt an overwhelming sense of clarity and purpose, full of happiness and confidence, and best of all – I’m pursuing a new career path that I am fully passionate about!”

— Ashley P., Canada

From almost Shutdown to Zest of Life

Karoline was inspirational, leading me on the journey of my life, from almost shutdown to an awakening of creativity, and a zest for life. I would recommend Karoline to anyone for a life changing coaching experience.

— A.C. New Zealand

Wonderful New Relationship and Doubled my Income

I have experienced Karoline’s Empowerment Coaching program together with several Journey sessions. Before I met Karoline, I was a bank employee with an average income and little enjoyment of my job. Through the coaching a lot of positive shifts occurred: My self-confidence grew, I let go of limiting friends and I became self-employed. Now I work less, doubled my income, am enjoying a wonderful new relationship and a great life-style. And I know that I haven’t expressed all of my potential yet.

— Hardy Landmann, Germany

Feeling Safe in my Own skin

As a result of doing Journey work with Karoline I am more self loving & more willing to listen to my body & intuition which translates into healthier behaviors. I have a sense now of feeling safe in my own skin that was absent before. I will always be grateful to have been on the receiving end of Karoline’s talents.

— Gloria R., Sedona, AZ

Re-married and Look Forward to Life

Before doing the Empowerment Coaching program I was single for many years after a divorce, not always enjoying my work and still caught up in past painful events which stopped me moving forward.

After working with Karoline I have got a new understanding of my thoughts and beliefs in life, and how this relates to what is happening around me. This has given me the key to open the door to make changes in a positive and empowered way. I am truly free and have re-married again and now deal with challenges with great ease. I have love, freedom and happiness in my life again and look forward to every new day.

— Andy M., New Zealand

Healing Grief Leading to Reduced Anxiety

In my first ‘Journey’ I revisited a very traumatic incident in my childhood which left me with considerable unresolved grief and emotional disturbance. I found ‘The Journey’ to be a very gentle and very healing process. With Karoline’s guidance, I was able to relive the episode in a way that allowed me to clear the pain associated with it. This left me with an incredible feeling of peace and tranquillity. My anxiety levels have been reduced, especially with regards to public speaking. I would strongly recommend Karoline as your guide. Karoline works from her heart and is highly skilled at “The Journey” process.

— Doctor, New Zealand

Reduced Anxiety Lead to Improved Sleep

I was constantly anxious about messing up financially (letting my wife and family down) and for years, only surviving on a few hours sleep each night. Having Karoline work me through the process of The Journey has proved to be of immense value. I can now enjoy a reasonable night’s sleep which is obviously due to the fact that my levels of anxiety have diminished dramatically. Thank you, Karoline.

— Businessman, New Zealand

Teen Releases Anger and Transforms his Life

2 years ago our 15 year old son had 3 journey sessions. Before the journey he had real anger towards his father for no apparent reason, but after the 3rd journey, he has had a really good relationship with his father ever since. His school work also improved. He seems to have a lot more confidence.

— Mother, New Zealand

Child Copes Better with Brain Tumor

My youngest son (8yrs) was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was undergoing treatment while doing ‘The Journey’.

I have been overwhelmed at the change in my son/s attitude, towards the huge life changing illness. He is now able to find tools and strategies within himself to help him cope/deal with his treatment and tumor. Before he started the journey he was often feeling sick, had headaches and dizzy spells with chemo, then when starting the journey we noticed a significant improvement  in his physical symptoms, and now after a series of journey sessions theses symptoms have subsided substantially.

On seeing the amazing difference this has had on our youngest son we chose to introduce ‘The Journey’ to our oldest son (11yrs). He was finding it difficult to deal with his brother’s illness and the change in the family, that he developed separation anxieties.

After just one session of ‘The Journey’ he had to go on a school camp, this was a big ask for him. He knew he really wanted to go, but the anxiety was much bigger. With only having had one journey he was able to process all his thoughts and feelings and give himself the tools and courage to achieve camp. His confidence and self esteem is encouraging to see.

We know that now he will be able to deal with any anxieties he may have in the future.
This gentle process of healing and Karoline’s kind and loving ways with the boys has given them everlasting tools that they can use all the time and also giving my husband and myself peace of mind.

Thank you so very much, Karoline, our family really needed you.

— Mother, New Zealand